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JSC \\\"Aeroflot\\\"

One of the strategic goals of the company is to improve the quality of services provided to passengers at all stages of service. To accomplish this, "Aeroflot " was developed and implemented a quality management system aimed at improving the functioning of the safe and regular transportation of passengers with high quality services that conform to international standards.

The quality management system is a modern management tool by companies to realize the potential of improving the quality of the product to consumers . Our airline is monitoring compliance with the requirements of Aeroflot in the field of quality of services provided to passengers at each stage of the service , including using the " Hidden passenger" ; evaluates the degree of customer satisfaction through a variety of marketing research, surveys of passengers arriving in the analysis of " Open Line " messages. Furthermore, the International Air Transport Association (IATA) regularly assesses the performance of our company and compares it with the work of leading airlines in the world . The results of these studies are the basis for the improvement of the company.

Independent third party confirmation of the fact that our company really met all the elements of ISO 9001:2000 standard provides numerous competitive advantages , among which is considered to be the main consumer trust our services :

• Customers can hope that our services are focused on their needs and expectations ;

• suppliers and partners can be confident in us as a reliable partner , the internal organization which meets international standards ;

• owners and investors gain confidence and assurance in accelerating return on funds invested in improving the effectiveness of guaranteed airlines to increase profits and increase market share ;

• employees are confident in the stability , employment opportunities for professional growth and self-improvement , increase job satisfaction ;

• a company acquires a face Aeroflot guarantor of stability and security.

Certification audit of the quality management system was conducted in December 2007, representatives of the international certification body TUV CERT. Lufthansa departments adequately withstood the test and in February 2008 Aeroflot became the owner of a single company-wide certificate ISO.


Aeroflot was the first among Russian carriers successfully passed the audit of the operational safety of the International Air Transport Association (IOSA) and is registered as an Operator IOSA.

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